You must be a U.S. citizen.
A resident of the community and/or attend a school in the community for which title you are running for at least six months prior to the date of registering.
Never have been married.
Never given birth nor now a parent.
Meet the age requirement


    Must be between the ages 17-24.


    Must be 13 by Novemebe 9th, 2014
    Must not be older than 17 by November 9th, 2014.

Evening Wear (25% of total score) —Each contestant appears on stage in a gown of her own choosing, representative of what she would wear to a charity event or appearance. Scoring is based on overall first impression, sense of confidence, personality and stage presence, walk and posture, carriage and grace, appropriateness of attire and sense of style.

Personal Interview (25% of total score)(Teen 35% of total score) —Each contestant participates in an individual 10-minute press conference-style interview with our panel of judges. There are typically 6 judges on a panel. Contestants are questioned on their background as presented on their fact sheet, their educational and career goals, their opinions on current events and social issues, and their interests, hobbies and extracurricular activities. Scoring is based on overall first impression, validated opinions and responses in context, poise, personal appearance and attractiveness, personality, intelligence, style, emotional control, speech, vocabulary, grammar, ability to have a confident and commanding presence; knowledge, understanding, and ability to articulate her platform issue, sense of accomplishment, ability to fulfill job responsibilities of Miss Inland Empire, Miss Inland Empire's OT, and whether the contestant has the qualities and attributes of a Miss America. Lifestyle & Fitness in

Sportswear (15% of total score) — The Lifestyle & Fitness competition is designed to determine the level of fitness of the contestant and to obtain a glimpse into her daily routine and lifestyle. Each contestant briefly appears on stage in a program shirt provided, black shorts and sneakers. Scoring is based on overall first impression, statement of strong physical fitness and health, sense of attractiveness and presence; display of energy, charisma, and expression, sense of confidence and composure.

On-Stage Question (15% of total score) —The On-Stage Interview phase of competition is comprised of questions of a general nature nor something taken from the private interview. The objective is to evaluate the contestant's ability to think on her feet and answer a question of general interest to people her age, including but not limited to local, state, and national current events. Scoring is based on overall first impression and the judges should ask themselves: 1. Did the contestant answer the question in the context in which it was asked? 2. Can she handle the pressure of speaking on stage in front of an audience? 3. Will young people see her as a role model who is reflective of today's generation?

Academic Achievement (5% of total score) —Transcripts are submitted and judges may consider the overall academic achievement during the Personal Interview by considering the following:

1. Has the student maintained at least a "B" average during the past academic year?

2. Would her academic achievements place her in the top 10% of your (the judges') institution?

3. Is she taking Advanced, AP, or IB courses?

4. Does she hold leadership positions in her school and extracurricular activities? 5. Based on the information before you, do you believe this student would meet the description of a” titleholder"?

Pre Pageant Participation (5% of total score) —The Pre Pageant Participation phase is judged by the Directors of the Program. They provide input on each contestant’s participation in pre pageant events & functions. The objective is to evaluate the contestant's commitment to competition and seriousness of participating.

No, this is not about looks, this is truley a scholarship program. The judges look for a young lady looking to futher her educational goals as well as a young lady who is community minded and wants to be involved in her city. this is a working pageant, meaning, although you will attend formal funtions, we do encourage communiy services and volunteerism
Please do not rush out to buy a dress! Borrow one, use an old one, or ask the director, we can find one for your to rent at a nominal fee.But if you feel that a new dress will suit you, make sure the dress works for your body, Remember if your uncomftable in the dress, it will show in your walk and on stage. Wear the dress dont let the dress wear you!
As a contestant in a Miss America local pageant, you are required to raise a minimum $100 contribution to the Children's Miracle Network, Miss America's national platform . In addition, we ask all contestant to fundraise for our  2017 Program Book. contestants can fundraise and sell ad space to sponsors. Keep in mind that a sponsor does not have to be a single business or person. Sponsorships can come from multiple businesses and/or groups of family and friends.

First, you must share the amazing news… you are a delegate vying for your community title! That, in itself, is quite an accomplishment and you are and your family and friends should feel very proud! So tell everyone! And make sure everyone knows what an exceptional opportunity this is for you. They should be very willing to help sponsor you for two reasons,

1) they know you and your family


2) they want to support you just like you’ve been supporting them.

When you begin looking for sponsors, you should first make a list of all the people you know (family, friends, etc.) and all the people you do business with, such as…your doctor, dentist, orthodontist, insurance agent, florist, dry cleaner, tanning salon, local restaurant or pizza shop, market, funeral home, jeweler, lawyer, health club, town Mayor, etc. Once you have a complete list, begin asking for sponsorship

Building confidence, making lasting friendships, working hard towards a goal, being a role model Not to forget the purpose of this pageant program is to award scholarships to a female student attending High School or College in the countys of San Bernardino and Riverside. This pageant is designed to benefit the students by awarding academic scholarships and give participants the ability to become connected in many of the social and philanthropic activities of the Valley. Together, the pageant participants will continue to sponsor our community service programs.